A Hotel-garni (lodging and breakfast ). Breakfast room/company room , cosy covered veranda, big garden with chairs and deck chairs and some toys, terrace and the possibility to get consumptions. Eleven different with private shower and toilet. We have private (lockable) parking facilities and the possibility to store surfboards and bicycles (free of charge). You can also use the internet. free of charge. We also rent out bicycles.


Our breakfast is partially table served. However, you can find most of the food at both buffets.

The following is table served (2 persons):

  • a bread basket with four different hard rolls
  • two glasses of Orange juice
  • butter, chocolate sprinkles, cucumber with tomato
  • and you can pick three of the following things:
    • melon
    • strawberries
    • graves
    • plums
    • apple, pear or banana
    • etc.

At the large buffet we have:

  • Unlimited fresh coffee and different flavours of coffee from the coffee machine
  • 10 sorts of tea, hot chocolate milk, Fristi, regular milk, vitamin drinks
  • 6 different kinds of meat
  • 6 different kinds of cheese
  • a hot snack (such as omelettes, bacon and eggs served on slices of bread, bacon, frankfurters, etc...)
  • 3 kinds of jam, hard-boiled eggs
  • Dutch Rusk, Swedish crackers, rye bread
  • and a choice of three of the following things:
    • egg salad, meat salad, etc.
    • different kinds of sausage
    • brie or camembert, cream cheese or cheese spread
    • waffles or cakes

At the small buffet we have:

  • Toaster with bread
  • Yoghurt and custard
  • different kinds of seeds and raisins
  • Cornflakes, Muesli, Cruesli, Honeyhitters
  • alternately:
    • fruit in juice
    • home-made compote
    • fresh fruit salad, etc...